Wings for life

Wings for life


The Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation was founded in 2004 by Dietrich Mateschitz, CEO Red Bull, and Heinz Kinigadner, multiple motocross world champion and KTM sporting director.

Univ.-Prof. DDr. Jan Schwab
, Scientific Director
Dr. Vieri Failli
, Scientific Vice-Director
Anita Gerhardter
, Managing Director
Rudolf Theierl
Daniela Rupp
, Event Marketing
Wolfgang Illek
, Prevention
Sabine Beck
, Communication

“The tragic outcome of the accident suffered by my son Hannes whilst on a race for charity in summer 2003 showed me quite painly the continuing lack of medical resources for treating spinal cord injuries along with the limited progress being made in the related scientific field.

In collaboration with my friend Dietrich Mateschitz I responded by setting up Wings for Life. Its chief function is to support rigorous pure fundamental and clinical research in the field of the central nervous system.

Research is truly the key to a putative cure for paralysis. With financial support scientists can strongly push towards cutting-edge discoveries and treatments to cure paralysis and associated conditions caused by spinal cord injury.

Without sustained funding scientists may fall short of their goals. Fostering funding for spinal cord injury research is the most instrumental component in the quest for a putative cure.
Therefore, Wings for Life is reliant on support of the general public – every donation represents an important contribution to make our vision come true one day, and thereby will benefit all people affected by spinal cord injury.

As co-founder of the foundation, I vouch for the fact that every single donation is invested entirely in promising research projects.

On behalf of all paralysed patients and their families, I want to thank you for your support!”